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Let's Collaborate

The best things happen through collaboration. Reach out for consultation or facilitation opportunities. 

Equity-centered Consulting

For equity centered consultation, speaking engagements, or facilitation opportunities, please reach out to

Feel free to also explore the collaborative work of Dr. Marlee Bunch and Brittany Collins who offer a myriad of perspectives and experiences fostered through their collaborative and individual endeavors-- teaching experiences, curriculum design, equity work, trauma-informed/grief-responsive teaching, and more.

Speaking  Engagements 

Dr. Bunch is committed to connecting with educators and the community. Some of the areas of content she can speak to include:

  • The un/HUSH Framework 

  • Education (middle school/high-school/gifted education/ESL)

  • English Language Arts 

  • Writing/Poetry/Creative Writing

  • Equity work

  • Unlearning the Hush study of Black female educators 

  • Curriculum design

  • Implementing best classroom practices

  • Mentoring

Online Class
"This framework encourages us to interrogate the null curricula – or what is NOT said, studied, or addressed in the classroom - and to challenge those silences and gaps, while also understanding that there is implicit curricula ignited by all that we include and exclude in our own affect, curricula, and engagement in the classroom."


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